Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Freaken Hot News Chick

Sitting in her van. Though she looks hot, in Philadelphia, in front of
the PECO building on Market Street, the "news" is literally THAT IT IS

Mulling over the impending lawn mowing this evening in 100 degree heat
index, I walked toward 30th Street Station to catch the R5. I caught
sight of Channel 10 news babe hiding out in her air conditioned news
van waiting for the next live spot on the local news. I am getting
used to strange looks from folks getting their picture snapped with my
iPhone. You are "in the picture" now.

Thank God for Insull and vision of grid utilities. Most folks are cool
inside today as load moves across the grid throughout the day. I
wonder if you will ever see an info babe camped out in front of
Akamai, Amazon, Microsoft and Google some day when the fiber gets too
hot. Probably. But she won't be as sweaty as this chick on Market.

The fiber will be heating up the "in the picture" grid - you can count
on it.

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