Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LED Matrix in Comcast Center Lobby

This friday is the public grand opening of the Comcast Center. Friday
is also the day my group, Comcast Interactive Media, moves into the
floors adjacent to CIM City.

Starting this week if you visit the Comcast Center you will find a
massive high definition, very high contrast, LED matrix fully covering
the lobby wall above the elevator portals. I am guessing 9-10 meters
tall and assuming 1080p.

The fascinating thing is that one image displayed is a simulated wood
paneling which makes the screen appear to vanish.

I have an affinity to LED matrices because that was the display
platform I used for the Live8 call to action system back three years
ago. I am going to feel good each time I come into work. Perhaps when
I get exasperated at work I can go down to the lobby and listen to
some Linkin Park