Monday, May 12, 2008

Outsourcing Mother's Day

Started month four at Comcast today. I feel like I have been there a
year. The most precious resource I have these days is time. I am sure
that most of this issue is that I am in a very different pace in a
totally new job. In any case I am not finding time to get to all the
things I want to. I would have liked to help the children get
organized for Mother's Day but it was impossible. I enlisted a foreign
national to get this work done. Dani, our nanny, is creative and would
hardly consider it a task or chore to go to the mall. I told to just
take care of it.

Dani did a great job. Jack and Jillian helped pick out a #1 Mom
pendant and they made a T-shirt with handprints and a family cheer.

I did my part and let Tara sleep in a little and we all brought
breakfast up to her in bed. I cook breakfast weekends anyways so this
all worked out well. At this point any Mother's Day is better than
2001 when while retrieving flowers for Tara at Waterloo Gardens
Matthew feel on his face and cut his lip - I believe he screamed
until dinner that day.

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