Sunday, March 02, 2008

Apple TV Debugging

This is what didn't work on our Apple TV. Nothing under the YouTube
menu worked. Trying to hit public feeds like Favorites or Most Watched
and even Search failed. Attempting to login to StevensFive YouTube
account failed. While we could browse and preview all of iTunes
stores, we could not authenticate with our Apple IDs. Thus all DRM
music and movies were unavailable after syncing to local iTunes on
Vista box.

Yesterday I was three hours with Apple Care support through to support

Right now I am in the Apple Store in KOP Mall and they are trying to
reproduce on the LAN here. Identity is THE hardest nut to crack.
Still, it is quite odd that the public channels on YouTube were
offline especially when Flickr access was fine.

I don't know what will be worse having an explicit bug in Apple TV or
if I have some nuance with home LAN over the FiOS connection.

Walter is back. Seems like its my network problem. Good grief.

What a pain in the ass.

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