Sunday, March 02, 2008

Do not WISH for Apple TV

Surely Apple TV is just using YouTube GData APIs under the covers so
why would this not be working on my home network?

After a few hours with Apple Care support yesterday and an hour in the
insane Apple store in KOP Mall today after Costco grocery shopping, I
spent an hour browsing through the DI-624 and DIR-655 routers to see
WTF was up. I isolated the problem to be the inner subnet on the
DIR-655 (Costco special). During the Apple Care call, to be fair, the
front line guy suggested jacking the Apple TV into the hub with
Ethernet and ruling out the wireless. He was right and I shouldn't
have lazy just because I didn't have a long patch cable handy.

So there is this feature called WISH enabled by default on the
DIR-655. "WISH is short for Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling, a
technology developed to enhance your experience of using a wireless
network by prioritizing the traffic of different application"

Well I WISH the engineers at DLink were a little less aggressive maybe.

Disabled WISH on the DIR-655 and now StevensFive TV and all our Apple
DRM is online.

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