Saturday, February 02, 2008

Catching up with Nova EE classmate

I landed my new job at Comcast through networking on LinkedIn. Perhaps
even more rewarding than that, LinkedIn has helped me get back in
touch with folks from years back. I got on LinkedIn very early on but
I had invested about as much time keeping my profile fresh and
contacts complete as I have been networking in general. I realize that
I have been hyperfocused in my Sun efforts and not dedicating enough
to keeping valuable relationships strong across the years. I won't be
killing my momentum like that anymore. Mark Tomcavage (Serac
Solutions) got in touch with me over LinkedIn, I hadn't seen him since
senior year at Villanova - we were in electrical engineering together
and he lived in St. Mary's when I was an RA there (Mark sorry for
breaking up some parties in the ground floor suite). Mark is still a
great guy - clever and mello. We went to the Syracuse game at Wachovia
Center last weekend - Villanova lost but we had a great time and Mark
had Alumni Association passes to the reception in the Lexus Club. As
we left Mark grabbed a photo of me on my iPhone pretending like i was
hosting the postgame show. Cheers Mark!

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