Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Installing Apple TV

Tara and I setup the 144GB Apple TV that came in the mail today.
Speaking of "in the mail" we started our Netflix experience last night
too. After setting up my queue last night and creating one for Tara, I
was impressed that she ended up spending an hour on NetFlix this
morning rating and filling her queue. I got an email notification that
both of our selections were arriving tomorrow.

Given an existing wireless setup, existing iTunes loaded with all our
stuff , the 52" Aquos Costco special from last years March Madness and
a spare HDMI cable we had StevensFive TV up and running in about five
minutes. Very impressed that while it was syncing from iTunes we could
browse and start to preview HD movies.

Not that I didn't expect it but this is clearly another killer app
within The Convergence.

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