Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out of Shape

No such luck parking this morning at Paoli Train Station inbound lot.
There are only a few dozen $1.00 (four quarter) spots. Yesterday was a
holiday (for some) and there were plenty of spots still at 7:15. Even
though I got there by 7:10 to make the 7:21 Great Valley Express, no
spaces were available. I wasn't going to park in larger lot on the
North side (outbound) because I tried that last week and got a $10.00

I always wonder about that lot anyways because it is over the old rail
yard that was there when I was a kid - feel the same way I did going
into the Netscape campus in Mountain View in 1999 - who knows what is
buried there. Apparently you can get monthly parking passes if you
also get SEPTA monthly passes. Maybe next month.

Anyways, I left the car at JJ's preschool for Tara to pick up and
hustled across Paoli to try and make the train. My parents would have
fainted if they imagined me "running to catch the R5". They have been
telling me about a guy who had been starting his new job downtown
(this was back in the 70s) and slipped trying to catch a moving (I
think) train and lost his legs. I made the queue boarding the train
okay and safely. However, my chest was heaving and I was sweating my
ass off. I was still sweating walking down Market Street 40 minutes
later. I think I was sweating all day. I have got to get in shape.

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