Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SEPTA R5 Parking

I bought a one month Zone 4 SEPTA trail pass last night. Apparently,
you are not entitled to buy a monthly parking tag unless you purchase
trail pass. I have tried to find numbered parking slots which cost a
dollar each day but they are rare. Yesterday I tried to catch the 8:04
and I figured I would need to come up with some creative parking. As I
came over the bridge in Paoli I saw a spot free - spot #4 right in
front. Odd. Coming home late yesterday night after Villanova's loss at
the Center I realized what a pain in the ass it was to have to hike
around to the inbound side to get car. This morning I tried to buy a
parking tag for March but you need to provide your plate numbers which
I didn't have. Now I fully understand the benefit feature at work that
mails you passes for each month to your house - funded out of pretax.

Matthew I hope you get your cast off today buddy. We have to start
getting that arm loose.

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